Founded in the early 19th century, the farm, situated in the municipality of Velletri, has always belonged to the Ceracchi family. Only in the past twenty years has the farm undergone a considerable change under the management of the two Ceracchi brothers who, with great tenacity, true passion, and the constant collaboration of particularly skillful helpers, decided to unite an old place with new vineyards and a modern cellar, respecting a vine-growing and winemaking tradition that in this zone has been passed down from generation to generation over the centuries. The farm stretches over hilly lands of effusive volcanic origin, with basalt and tufa coming from the bowels of the earth, rich with salts and minerals that form a privileged, well-drained, fresh soil.

Every vineyard, whether of white or red grapes, has found its specific location, from the study of the soil, the exposure to sun and winds, and the elevation. The vineyards extending over the entire area are all DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin); the remaining areas are filled with olive groves and small woods of spontaneous plant species. The vines are espalier-trained, with a minimum number of buds and scrupulously calibrated treatments.

It is certainly a cru, situated in the heart of the "Velletri DOC" zone, consisting of homogeneous, geographically identifiable and panoramically splendid lands.